101 Varying EMOM Workouts

101 Varying EMOM Workouts

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Our 101 VARYING EMOM WORKOUTS are made up of 101 of our favorite Varying EMOM's all in one easy to browse e-book. Each workout was tested for efficacy and difficulty.

You know what’s worse than being bored with your workouts? Learning how to program to spice them up!

Maybe you want to do a little more than what you’ve been doing. You know, add some volume.

Maybe you want to layer in a few different time-domains and/or movements. You know, add some creativity.

Or maybe you just don’t want to have to THINK about creating your workouts. You just want to show up and crush 'em.

If any of those sound like you, then this EBOOK is an excellent fit for you.


Here's an example of a VARYING EMOM Workout:



3 Rounds
18 Min/E3MO3M
Part 1:
100m Run
10 Barbell CNJ 135/95

Part 2:
10 Pull Ups
20 Push Ups
30 Air Squats

Training Notes:
Complete Part 1 then Part 2, then Part 1, Part 2, etc for 4 rounds.
You should have at least 1 min of rest to allow for sustainable output. Modify accordingly.

More challenging - increase volume of CNJ or weight, make C2B or 5 BMU/RMU, Ring Push Ups, Jumping Air Squats

Make it easier - do 3 rounds, lighter CNJ, Jumping Chin Over Bar Pull Ups, Push Ups on a box, less volume


The acronym, EMOM stands for Every Minute On the Minute. It’s sounds like (e-mom). It’s a type of interval workout where you perform a specific task at the start of every minute for a set amount of time or repetitions. A popular workout style adapted by the functional fitness community, this series of workouts will challenge the athletes physical and mental capacity utilizing both skill driven and high power output movements.

In this edition, you’ll see VARYING EMOM Workouts. They include:

E90O90 = 16 Workouts (Every 90 Seconds On the 90 Seconds)

E2MO2M = 20 Workouts (Every 2 Minutes On the 2 Minutes)

E230O230 = 9 Workouts (Every 2 Minutes and 30 Seconds On the 2 Minutes 30 Seconds)

E3MO3M = 20 Workouts (Every 3 Minutes On the 3 Minutes)

E4MO4M = 16 Workouts (Every 4 Minutes On the 4 Minutes)

E5MO5M = 12 Workouts (Every 5 Minutes On the 5 Minutes)

E6MO6M = 8 Workouts (Every 6 Minutes On the 6 Minutes)

This program is a great supplement with your current workout routine or can be used on its own by performing one or even multiple workouts.

This e-book is an extremely well-thought out compilation of 101 VARYING EMOM workouts. Workouts are broken up into 4 categories:

Smiling Emoji EASY 




Devil Emoji MANIACAL 

Regardless of category, there are suggested modifications for making the workout ‘More Challenging’ or ‘Easier’ to make sure anyone and everyone receives the best possible workout for their skill set. As you progress through each section from EASY to MANIACAL, the movements may become more challenging and the timeframes much more difficult to manage. Also, I have provided Training Notes for each workout giving a brief description of how the workout should be done to get the appropriate response.

We have provided Reference Pages full of Movement, Distance and Calorie Modifications for the categories of: Aerobic (Run, Bike, Ski, Row) and Bodyweight (Strength, Core, Skills). This is priceless when knowing what and how much to modify to get the correct response from the workout.

If you want to test the more challenging time-frames, but don’t have all the technical movements down yet, modify the movements using our ‘Movement Modifications’ Sections.

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A great mix of strength, stamina and skill "101 VARYING EMOM Workouts” is a must have for your collection.


Have you checked out our 101 EMOM Workouts: Vol 1? Or maybe our 101 Traveling Workouts? If you’re on the road for work, vacation or visiting a family or friend, this book is a no-brainer. A ton more variety means a TON more FITNESS and FUN!


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* Results may vary. Proper diet exercise is necessary to achieve the health and fitness results you want. We are not doctors and this is not to be taken as medical advice. 

**This is an e-book